Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lovin' the beach!!

We just got back from a trip to the beach with our friends Amber and Lee and their kids, Maddox and Ivey Kate. We had the best time....Luke LOVED the beach. Let me stress.....LOVED IT. He played and played and played, then he would just fall out from being so tired. In the mornings when he woke up, first he drank his chocolate milk (as always)....then he found whoever's shoe was the closest and headed to the door. That's his way of saying he wants to go outside. Kind of like a dog :)...hehe!!It was too cute. He watched and learned from Ivey Kate. She is already climbing on EVERYTHING. Luke hadn't started that yet...until after our trip. Now, he's climbing on the couch. Oh boy, a whole other set of worries. Oh, in case anyone's wondering....HECK NO, we didn't take the triplets :)....and I mean that in the most loving way! We did miss them, though. My mama kept them and we called every morning and night to check on them. From what I gather, they had PLENTY of attention (as usual). Can't wait until our beach trip next year.....and the girls can go with us this time....along with a few babysitters :).


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  2. Jill...glad to see that you guys are doing well and got some time to relax on the beach without the triplets. Keep in touch!...Scott

  3. Fun! Fun! I know Luke had a blast playing with the other kids and I know the triplets were well taken care of. Glad to hear that y'all are doing well.