Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Snippets from the past few days....

We've got alot going on around our house these days....
Currently I only have 3 kids living at my house. Juliet went to stay with her Nana and Papa for the week. My mama offered to take a girl with her when she left, so I thought about it for a couple seconds, then gladly accepted the offer :). Allie had her first "slumber" party last Friday night. Our neighbor, Denee, offered to keep her for us one night, so OF COURSE we took her up on that!!! It was an AWESOME break. We actually got a little better sleep. I've warned people that they better watch out what they volunteer for 'cause we don't turn any help down these days.

Luke has been doing some cute stuff....I swear, he is a funny little man. I bought him a new chair, which he LOVED the first day. Now, it's just another toy. He has been "moon walking" and dancing around all the time. If he gets something good to eat, it makes him wanna he's always shakin his booty about something. These are pictures of him with his new favorite foods.....oreos and v8 juice. Yep, that's what I said....v8 juice. Chad and I are doing the p90x workout program and v8 juice is part of the diet. Luke thinks anything we are eating or drinking is good, so he always wants some :).
Yesterday, all my kids were asleep except for Allie. So, I decided it was a good time for a "photo op". I stripped her down to her diaper and placed her on a pretty pink fuzzy blanket. Oh, I was so excited at how pretty I thought these pictures were gonna be. I was a bit giddy 'cause I thought I was about to take the best looking picture can see how great they turned out :). All she did was make funny faces the whole time. I think I'm gonna have a family full of little clowns!

I know all these pictures are a little jumbled up. I tried to make this post look pretty, but I'm not that computer "savvy"....


  1. Welcome to blogger...we are so excited about being able to peek into your little world through your eyes.

  2. How's that P90X working for ya? I told Clint I want his when he leaves. Keep taking those pix, for every 'ga-billion' bad ones, you will finally get a god one.